Tuesday, October 26, 2004

ROL - Reading Out Loud

While I was coming to office today morning(not exactly as i took the 10:30 bus), there was a lady(blog topic) besides whom i sat in the bus. She was reading something. Suddenly I realised that she was speaking out the words loudly while reading. I found it very strange. First i thought that she would be reading something work-related or some study-material and trying to concentrate, but it wasnt the case. She was reading "O' Henry (small stories)". After a while, i took out my novel and started reading it. She glanced at me (dont know whether she was amused or what). She noticed that i was reading without ROL. Suddenly she closed her book and didnt open it since then. By the way, one more thing, this is my first post !!


Blogger d kewlst 1 said...

idiot.....tht wsnt a lady....!!

ladies nvr read out aloud!!

wudnt really like to name who ws tht.......silence is golden bt suggestive 2..

5:41 PM  

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