Thursday, December 02, 2004

My first Chop with Sticks !!

Once upon an afternoon, far away from Bangalore city, to be precise in Infosys (Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore-560100), to be more precise in Building 19 (2nd floor, the cubicle above Craig Barrett) , it was as usual as everyday. But something happenned later, which was not usual in my life, infact i did it for the first time. Ok... enough of pakaofying... coming to the point. I got a bit hungry. Kashy (Kashyap TA - Friend,Fellow Infoscion and a BIG L* (stocks)) had brought his tiffin that day. I had tasted the rice that he had got, earlier before lunch (about 12 p.m.). Some rice was still left, but the thing was I din't want to get my hands sticky as before, and so I resorted to the only option, "Chop Sticks"^, which were there besides the tiffin. Before actually going into business, I thought of practicing it first. I tried it myself, with some guidelines from Lech, which also inspired Neel. Neel also tried, but got frustrated. Then finally I got into business, and managed pretty well. While enjoying the delecious food, I just mentioned that this experience of mine, can actually be a BLOG. Neel got inspired again (may be the BLOG reason)... This time he overcame the daunting task and managed a few chops !! I dont know how to end this, as i am already feeling bored writing it !!

^ Chop Sticks - Kashy's friend got them from Shanghai, during his on-site visit.
* L (Loser) - one who needs to refer this


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