Monday, January 17, 2005

Elaan - e - D/4

Title is not self explanatory, but you will come to know why is it so !! We (Me, Rac, Neel, Nirmal and Tuks) had planned to go for a movie on Friday the 13th... oops actually 14th Jan. Elaan, which had 2 shows running at Swagath (6 and {ulta 6}*) . We opted for the FDFS^ at Swagath. Neel had reached first, so he was going to get the tickets for all of us. When we all reached at theatre, he proudly stated that we had conquered some of the few seats available of Rs 25/- category. The seats were D/3 to D/7. We were not much excited of watching the movie from the 4th row in front of screen. As we went in, to take our entitled thrones, it was 'Sone pe Suhaga'. It wasnt the 4th row, but 2nd row from the screen. Gr8... Neverthless seats were awesome. Mine was a bit extra slide-back seat which was probably highly lubricated. It wasnt able to hold me straight at all. As the movie progressed, the angle between the seat and the back rest went increasing. At a point it had reached to 180 degrees. And when I finally got-up from the seat at the end, believe it or not, the angle had crossed the 180 degrees mark. It was around 200 degrees. Well D/4 did challanged me BIG TIME but I accepted it and won (Dint get up throughout the movie).

Dumb readers Legend:
* {ulta 6} = 9
^ FDFS = First Day First Show


Blogger purvins said...

hey chugs...
life me tu khursi ke saath hi jung karta re jayega!!!!!

Dude you write really well!!
realistic and funny!!!

7:49 AM  

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