Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Kick(ing) start to hyderabad

4th Feb - Friday

Had completed the seminar on MAGI (refer to other blog). Time to pack bags and leave for a potentially nice weekend in Hyderabad. Went home, packed stuff and reached East End Travels... Rac and Rajan also joined me there (from Infy). We informed a guy there about the bus that we had to board to hyd. After few moments, a bus came and ppl started boarding it. The guy told us and we also boarded the bus. Jigar, Rac's friend was suppose to join us from Majestic (Hotel Cauvery). He called us to inquire the arrival at the hotel. We asked the conductor and he told that this bus goes to VRL office in majestic. Rac told Jigar to wait at VRL office. Meantime, at a pick-up place I heard the conductor screaming out - "Vijapur Vijapur !!". We were a bit surprised. We hadnt realised completely. So I went and asked conductor, "Bus hyd kab pahuchegi ?". He told "Ye bus hyd nahi, vijapur jaa rahi hai !!". Panic... Shit !! Rac called up the guy who was suppose to be in the "Right" bus. Kyun ! Ho gaya na !! (Gudbud)... Anyways, jigar called up again, and told that therz no VRL bus goin to Hyd that day... we explained him the situation and told him to ga back to Kauvery hotel and hold the bus for us. We got down from the wrong bus at majestic, took a rick that dropped us at wrong place... had to happen (rite ??)... but we always had option of No.11 bus... finally reached and boarded the bus to Hyd... Couldn't be better start to the weekend (at Hyd) ....... ;-)


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