Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Air Show 2005

An air show was being organized in Bangalore (Was it Bangalore, am not sure!!). Kashy had got 4 tickets for us, mind you 'us' dint include Kashy... he had to go with his some friends (purani dosti ;-)... So it was Neel, Lech, Rajan and me. Rajan and me met Neel at Jayanagar bus stop and we went to majestic, where Lech joined us. CJ s/w was brunch material for us that day... Majestic to Air-force Station was a long journey, and u shud soon know how ! We were suppose to get down at gate 5, which we dint and went uptill the last stop which was gate 8. We came back the same route, walking in the scorching sun. It was about 2-2.5 kms walk, but gate 5 was still much far so took a rick. Like bus, like rick. We again went much ahead of our destination. Again took a walk back. We saw that a rick-wala was struggling to get tyre out of a (sandy) pit. We tried to help him... but one who are helpless seldom are source of it. Finally Gate 5 it was. Went in, saw the exhibition,. Then air show, which was excellent. It cant be described as well verbally as visually. (few pics - attached).. The return journey was around 2.5-3hrs long !!


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