Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Trust - Virtual Reality

There are two people who I trust, the first person is me the other is not you!
-Nicholas Cage, from Con Air


I think this should be enough to set the scenario.

Had fixed a meeting with Faheem (new landlord - LL) to discuss out things, as we were interested to take his house on rent. The rent amount was agreed upon to be 13k pm, and deposit to be 110k. We told him that we can give 60k upfront and rest of the 50k within next 15 days.

LL: what if you cant give ?
Me: you tell me (I had no answer !! What should I say)
LL: Give me 4% of the amount that remains to be paid after 15 days
Me: Hmmm... (Again no ans !!) I will have to ask others !

Called up rajan (better money manager). He said this cant be agreed upon. Conversation went on for few mins. Me back to LL.

Me: What would you do with the 4%. Its not that we are taking some loan on interest.
LL: I have commitements, so have to answer. Thus want some assurance from you ppl.
Me: If its so then we can give you PDC (Post Dated Cheques) of 1st April (Salary gets credited)... The reason for paying later is we have our deposit with previous LL. As soon as he gives, we can give it to you. If it doesnt work out that way, atleast you can have PDC.

LL called up someone and agreed upon it. Its been 4 days now that we shifted to the new place, but the fans havent been installed till date. Cheers !!


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enjoy ur banglorian heat!!

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