Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Silent Scream

9th March 2005... I was a bit less energetic than usual... had a fast previous day (Mahashivratri).. so just had juices and milk... Got ready, went to a food joint and had a juice... time to board the company bus... Got a middle seat :-( As therz not much option left for ppl staying in BTM... the bus is almost 2/3 full... as it was the front most seat, it wasnt that bad... much leg-room and all.. my disc-man batteries were down... so only option was dozing off or read smthin... i chose to read... Hardly after 5 mins after that, I heard a half scream... looked around... the girl sitting on my left appeard bit taken aback... y the hell did she screamed... silently !! (obviously it wasnt a mute scream but silent relatively) ... I looked in front thru the windshield of the bus... a bike had collided with other and drivers were down... it wasnt that serious an accident... you know how serious can it be ;-) I mean the drivers were able to get up and walk... I thank the girl for that silent scream... Had it been a little louder i would have gone down too.. (fast side-effect !!)


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