Wednesday, September 28, 2005

SPicE iT Up

I was excited to board my first no-frills flight, Spice Jet to be precise. Also it was my first surprise trip back home. But God had some surprise lined-up for Gor (thats my last name :-)). Was an experiance rather than surprise though. As I reached the Bangalore airport, I saw a large group and all women dressed up in typical "maarvadi"(originally from rajasthan) style saris. A group check-in and boarding was arranged for them, and it was then when I realized that they would be travelling in the same flight as mine to Ahmedabad.

Time to board the flight. As I entered the aircraft, it appeared all chaotic. People(from the group) dint know which seat was whose?? It was a great effort by the crew to help them and get everything settled. Mine was a window seat. I got to know that it was a group of around 120. Lets take-off now. Believe it or not, as the flight took-off they were speaking out aloud "Jai Mata Ki" (Hail Mother God). As the flight was no-frills, only chocolates were offered. Then a few representatives from the group went and talked to the crew for some time. After that, they got couple of trays from the crew and loaded them with their food-packets containing dry fruits (prasad). These were distributed to the group members and some non-members also like me ;-) We (me and the guy besides me) were also expecting tea to be served, but it dint turnout that way. Damn no-frills, but two thumbs-up to thrills !!


Blogger purvins said...

hey chugs... seems like you had a really cool flight back home... very spicy!!!!

nice blog!!

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