Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fleemi Deywane

Recently we made a trip to Ooty (Udagamandalam). The sight-seeing package that we went to on the first day, was aptly name Filmi Deewane. The places which we were taken to had been shot in one or the other film. Our driver cum guide was Shankar, who managed to pronounce it as Fleemi Deywane :)

One peculiar style of his was to start the explanation of a place with the term -
Excuse Me Sir(EMS). Even if we were conversing with him, as he stops at a location he first speaks EMS and then carries on to explain the significance of the place. Let me take you to those places along with their significance.

A part of Golf course. The shape of heart that you can see was shown in Qayamat movie.

This bridge was shown in Roja. Actually its KamrajSagar Dam.

The set of Raju Chacha was built here.

A song in Raja Hindustani and few other movies have been shot here.

Rose Garden

There are a few more places, but cant recall their Filmi significance as in case of Rose Garden. But would like to tell you about the scene created at Rose Garden. When we came out of the Rose Garden, we expected Shankar to be in the parking, waiting for us. But it wasn't the case. He was nowhere to be seen. Then we inquired about him at the ticket counter. The lady told that Shankar has gone to the guest house, which is nearby and should be back soon. So we waited for sometime. Then we told the lady that Shankar was supposed to take us to the market for shopping. She replied that here is a guy who can take you there, you can go with him as Shankar had some urgent work and had gone to Coimbatore. My Sony PSP was in that car. Panic !!! We said, we are not looking for someone who can take us to market but Shankar who is our driver, and is suppose to take us to market and to back to the hotel. She said that Shankar is not the driver but owner of the guest house. Then we understood that there were two Shankars being referred. Meantime, Shankar came there. We got into the car and drove off. That was the end of Fleemi Deywane trip !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess you got back your PSP???? Snaps are nice. :-)

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess U r better in writing(blogging) then talking ....

You should start talking in terms of blogging ....

5:17 PM  
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