Thursday, September 29, 2005

Miss Call or a Mystery Call

One fine afternoon @ 3pm, I was busy doing something in my cubicle and realized that I had missed 2 calls. One of them was Jigar's (my roomie) and other number wasn't known to me(call@2:26). I called back on that mobile number from my extension. I heard a male's voice on the other end. And when I tried to explain him that I had got a miss call from his number, he was not ready to take it that way. Infact his tone suggested that I was the one who was being mischievous. Fine, I decided to leave it there itself. Again @ 5:10pm I saw a miss call from same number(call @ 4:58). This time I called him from my mobile, so that he may recognize the number on which I was getting miss calls. He recognized me through my voice and was really angry this time. He told me that he was in some important meeting and he was some kind of scientist and I should not be disturbing him this way. I was totally confused. Whats the mystery ?? Then he told that he will look into the matter, whether someone else might have used his mobile or so. I said fine and hanged up.

Next day when I was having lunch, I again got a call from that no. And this time I picked it up. There was another guy on the other end. But as it turned out, I was not able to understand his language(Kannada). So mystery still prevails !!


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